SW Battlefront Companion


The official companion app for Star Wars Battlefront


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SW Battlefront Companion is the official companion app for Star Wars Battlefront, an FPS for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One set in the Star Wars universe. It lets you keep track of your progress, earn and spend star credits, and check your card collection.

Besides all those things, which are common in companion apps, SW Battlefront Companion includes a small turn-based strategy game called Base Command. In this game you have to use cards with different units and powers to defend your rebel operations base from the attacks of imperial troops. It's a simple game that offers matches of less than five minutes, but it has a really entertaining gameplay.

The overall design is very intuitive, and above all, very pretty. Moving through the menu is a delight for any Star Wars fan, especially considering you can take a look at all the cards and items you earn throughout the game.

SW Battlefront Companion is almost certainly one of the best companion apps you can find – not only because it has an accessible and elegant design, but also because it offers a good game to play, whether you do or don't have Star Wars Battlefront.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher